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We want YOU to be a part of our fam<3

Are you into sustainable fashion, nature and loving the earth, all things positive/inspirational, self affirmations and learning to grow? We are looking for people who have similar interests, values and style to represent pixie! If you have any sort of social media following (on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) we would love for you to apply and become an ambassador.

You would select any product off our site for FREE and in exchange you would make content (whatever you feel your audience you enjoy most) showing the world your new garment! You will receive a unique discount promo code that you can give to your followers. Ambassadors receive 10% of all revenue from sales when their promo code is used. No limit on the number of sales you can make or the PROFIT you receive.

We love meeting/working with new people and brainstorming new ideas. So if this sounds up your alley please apply today!

Tell us about yourself in the comment section below! Don't forget to include your username of the account you would like to use for the content.

*Must be 18+ to apply*

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